Friday 26 October 2018

Dick Sheppard

All too often we remember people in their final years. Fortunately there were plenty of pictures of Dick Sheppard as a young man at the celebration of his life today. Here he is the proud owner of an Austin 7 (my late wife had one and getting it up Shooters Hill was a challenge).

Sadly I am having to attend the funerals of Addicks from what I call the 'Bartram generation'. Chalfont St. Peter Addick Dick Sheppard was at the Roan school with Brian Kinsey. He first went to The Valley in 1948.

There was a large attendance at the celebration of his life at the Chilterns Crematorium today. Pitch announcer Brian Cole was on hand to recall Dick's life as an Addick. At the end of his talk, Brian simply recited the Red, Red, Robin, a moving tribute.

Dick, known to us as 'Uncle Albert'. was a leading member of the group of fans known as the 'Rodsters', of which I am a member, who used to park their zimmer frames at the Rose of Denmark. We now meet at the River Ale House in East Greenwich.

Dick was a great statto and used to provide a range of information about upcoming games on the Glynne Jones mailing list. I have tried to assemble similar information myself and it's not easy.

Dick spent his life working in the computer industry from its infancy, first as an engineer and then in recruitment. Above all, he was a great family man and my heart goes out to his wife Bobby and his two daughters. His grandson gave a perfect recital of a moving poem.

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  1. It was an honour to know Dick and drink with him. Todays humanist ceremony was a fitting tribute to him. He would, as ever, have been proud of his girls and grandson.

    A rare Addick indeed.

    RIP Dick