Wednesday 31 October 2018

CARD statement on Roland

CARD has issued a statement refuting the main points made by Roland Duchatelet in his TalkSport interview: Statement

Some people have argued that we should move on and not rake over past events, but it is Roland who is doing that in order to justify the situation the club is now in. The easiest way to move on would be for him to accept a realistic price for the club. It's just like selling a house: you may have a notion of its true value, but if you want to move, you have to accept the price the market will bear.

Roland was clearly quite emotional in his interview, as Jim White noted, and he clearly does not regard it as his finest hour. This should not obscure the fact that he is an Onanist and, what is worse, does not recognise himself as one. Instead he sees himself as a well-meaning visionary dealt unfair blows by embittered opponents.


  1. I feel your assessment of the man is right on the money.
    Fortunately, because he is what he is, he will keep financing the loss. So there's that, at least.

  2. True, although at a minimalist rate which won't lead to promotion.