Monday 7 January 2019

Jonny Williams likes to get forward

Jonny Williams talks about joining Charlton in an interview with the SLP's Richard Cawley: Old school friend knew I would sign for Charlton

Sometimes it seems that Charlton players are like the tanks of a foreign country that were said to have sixteen gears and all but one of them was reverse. Jonny Williams showed on Saturday that he was keen to play the ball forward rather than back to the keeper.

Williams admitted, 'Getting the confidence in front of goal, taking it myself at times and not always trying to assist – to take on responsibility and shots myself – I think that will come with the manager [Lee Bowyer]. He’s looking forward to improving that side of my game. It’s all about confidence and being positive. My end product will be improved this year, for sure. I like to carry the ball forward. I’ll get better at riding challenges and getting out of the way of silly tackles.'

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