Thursday 31 January 2019

Loan striker coming in today

Richard Cawley of the SLP has just tweeted, 'Only Charlton deal in today will be a loan striker. Spoken to Lee Bowyer just now and he says the club are "in a good position" to get the one they want.'

The less than happy supremo told Cawley: 'We’re in a good position at the moment for the striker we want. Obviously he won’t be in to train today, which is disappointing. We’d hoped that would happen yesterday. Today we hear "yes" or "no". But I think we’ve got a good chance. And then that is us [done]. That’s all we’re trying to do, just replace Karlan.'


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  2. It says it all now about Roland, letting Grant go, and yet only possibly replacing him with a loan signing, is just insane, he is a danger to himself, shots himself in the foot every transfer window, promotion is just not on his agenda, he has just proved it.

  3. The bungling old europrat is so detached from his London football experiment that he has no idea he just sold the last of the family silver. After KG there's none left and everybody else gets to walk away for nothing in May. Even if the squad were strong enough for promotion, there will be so few players on the roster by the summer that whichever division CAFC is in there won't be anybody left to fulfil the first fixture.
    Will the last to leave please turn out the light?
    He wants upwards of £35 million? For Pete's sake it can't be worth 35 turkish lire. Well done roly you've excelled even your special levels of stupidity!

  4. A £2m asset of the company is sold. Does that mean £2m off the asking price of CAFC?

  5. How long before Bowyer gets fed up with having the rug continually pulled out from under him and starts looking for a club with ambition?