Monday 14 January 2019

Stags capture Charlton 'striker'

This is the excited headline on the Mansfield Town website as they celebrate their signature on loan of 'proven goal scorer' Nicky Ajose until the end of the season: Nicky Ajose

The news has only just broken, so far the streets around SE7 have remained quiet with no reports of fans rending their shirts. As he has just six months left on his contract, he won't be returning.

Apparently Ajose has appeared 58 times for Charlton, but I can't remember very many of them.

Lee Bowyer discusses Ajose here: Nicky Ajose


  1. 2 good games in 56 apearances shameful return can Charlton send in the bailiffs collect back his salary he was I think trying to inpursinate a footballer I bet hes mates with watt why the bad attitude on the pitch sulked when he wasn't playing!get rid of and also free igor get 19k off the wage bill also

  2. I go for as a replacement will grigg who wants come to the valley