Monday 7 January 2019

Takeover update: the mood is positive

Jim White has been updating the position on the takeover on Talksport. He reaffirmed that today and tomorrow are crucial days, that talks are imminent (stressing the word 'imminent'), later defined as the next 12 hours, and the mood is positive. It was all 'very sensitive and a level we don't operate at.'

White visited The Valley on Saturday. He spoke of the torture that fans had been enduring for so long and interviewed VOTV editor Rick Everitt.

He tracked down Sunderland's owner in the Jimmy Seed, noting that there could not be a greater contrast between two owners with Roland absent again.

He replayed an excerpt from his interview with Roland, noting that he was insistent that he wanted to sell the club. White said that his respect for Charlton fans had grown. Charlton fans loved the club and it was a massive part of their lives.

White said that the money could be unlocked in the next round of talks.

Danny Murphy said it was clear that Roland wanted to sell and allow someone else to move the club forward. There was a good structure in the club with the Academy. However, he did say that Katrien spoke well and that Charlton did have a big budget for the league. Lee Bowyer was doing a good job and he was very pleased for him.

White pledged that Talksport would bring the news first. He admitted that Charlton fans were getting impatient with him but said 'what we are trying to do to get this done and be the first to bring the news to you.' Well, maybe.

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