Tuesday 8 January 2019

What the future could be like

The match against Sunderland showed what The Valley could be like in a post Duchatelet era, writes the SLP's Richard Cawley: A glimpse of the future?

Cawley cautions: 'Despite fresh takeover speculation exciting supporters – daring to dream once again of a brighter future – it only matters when there is some kind of official announcement.' However, he is now saying that talks could be completed this week, which is not the original timetable he set out.

According to Jim White, '1 1/2 hours of talks took place. Talks were "hugely positive". It’s all about ‘unlocking the money’.

The nay sayers have been out in force, although it's not clear to me why Jim White should want to damage his reputation by inventing stories about a League One club. Similarly, I don't see that Rick Everitt is motivated by selling a few extra copies of Voice of the Valley given that it can hardly make any money anyway. However, it is evident that the Ramsgate fan doesn't just rile Roland, but some fans as well.

As far as the Rickster is concerned, I just wish that I had sources of his quality.

Something is happening, but whether it will have the outcome fans want is another matter. Roland has to accept a realistic price and not insist on any conditions such as leasing Sparrows Lane or The Valley, something that would deeply concern fans. Admittedly, we are dealing with someone with a huge ego, so anything is possible.

As someone said, what is unfortunate is that these prolonged negotiations divide fans just when we need unity. Of course, we all want to get beyond Bowyer and the team, as was evident on Saturday. But Bowyer's chances of winning promotion would be much better with a new owner.


  1. As Douglas Adams used to say, the best thing about deadlines is the whooshing sound they make as they go past.

    Luv Robin

  2. 5 interested parties it could be a joint bid by all accounts