Friday 31 May 2019

A final word about last Sunday

For the next few weeks I will be publishing stories simultaneously on this blog and Addick's Championship Diary before switching completely to Addick's Championship Diary.

Soon we have to start thinking seriously about next season and the big challenge we face, as big as going up to the Premier League in 1998: the Championship is now effectively the Premier League Division 2 that Richard Murray foresaw. However, first a final few words about last Sunday.

There have been many good pieces of writing about the experience of Sunday, but one of the best has now been published online by CAST board member Heather McKinlay, one of the small band of Scottish Addicks: Of Magpieand Robins

I went to see my osteopath yesterday: he lived in Greenwich for fifteen years at the time of our ascent to, and participation in, the Premier League. He said that when the second goal went in, he thought of me and almost thought of contacting me, but decided it wouldn't be very professional.

Finally, I have been thinking of how delighted my father would have been, particularly as he was at the first FA Cup final at the old Wembley. He would be particularly pleased that our song mentions Jimmy Seed and Sam Bartram. He would be delighted to see as many Addicks supporting the clubs as was the case before and after the war. And he would be surprised but pleased that I was still there supporting them, after disappointing him by failing to follow in his non-league footsteps and become a professional footballer.

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