Thursday 16 May 2019

Time to end the superstitious doom and gloom

There are always Charlton fans ready to see the glass half empty. Their latest theme is the trend for teams that lost at home in the first leg of the play offs to win on aggregate. Trends are there to be broken. This is all superstitious bollocks (I think I can used that word as a political party is using it in the EP elections).

Fans then say 'This is Charlton' meaning that we flunk it at crucial moments. Well we didn't flunk it in the 1987 play off against Leeds at St. Andrews, even if it was a last minute goal: Play off final. That was a vital win in the Selhurst days. Many consider that if Charlton had been relegated, the club could have folded.

I am not saying we should be complacent about tonight or think that it is job done. I am sure Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson aren't complacent. I am sure that the tireless Lyle Taylor isn't complacent. The crowd need to keep their faith even if there are setbacks.

I am cautiously optimistic because I think the team is better than they were last year against Shrewsbury. We have Lyle Taylor, Dillon Phillips has been a revelation and under Lee Bowyer's guidance, the team has come into form at the right moment and is playing really well. My big problem is which historic shirt to choose for tonight.

The standard of refereeing so far in the play offs seems to have been generally good in so far as I can judge from the highlights. This is because referees have been brought in from a higher level instead of using referees who were officiating at park football a few years ago or long serving petulant failures coming to the end of their careers. The referee tonight is Gavin Ward who usually works in the Championship.

I have just had to turn down France24 who wanted me live on air at 5pm by which time I shall be at the River Ale House. I don't think they were too pleased, saying 'Football comes first' in a rather sarcastic tone. They are the station I most like working for, but needs must.

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