Tuesday 28 May 2019

I try to console Sunderland supporter

My pharmacist and his two sons are keen Sunderland supporters. His shop is just 100 metres from my home. I went to see him this morning and give him my genuine wishes for their success next season. He said that on Bank Holiday Monday they were in a state of shocked disbelief saying, 'Did this really happen'?

He said that he thought the own goal incident had helped us as it had made our players more determined to fight for the cause.

He feared at the beginning of the season that we would beat them in the play off final. I would have been happy to see Sunderland go up automatically rather than Barnsley.

Sunderland director Charlie Methven has complained that Sunderland fans were quieter than those of Charlton at Wembley which has evoked a mixed reaction on Wearside, some saying you shouldn't criticise your own fans, others that he is telling it as it was: Fans were quiet

Methven does add that Sunderland were up against a bigger club in Sunderland as Charlton have been in the Premier League for much of the last 20, 30 years. I think he needs a fact checker.

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