Saturday 11 May 2019

The Chicago Addick has landed

Social media are reporting that the Chicago Addick has landed at Gatwick from Bermuda on his way to the delights of Doncaster. Charlton fans are converging on Donny from all over the globe, not to mention Eltham, Gravesend and Swanley. Over 3,700 Addicks will be at the Keepmoat. The sense of excitement is building.

But not everywhere. Yesterday I went into one of the Royal Spa's 47 coffee shops and there was my friend Kirsty. Kirsty is an art history graduate. I have never heard her say anything about football. But her opening sentence was 'Isn't the football exciting?' But she was referring to what has happened in the European competitions.

Brakes manager Paul Holleran. I have a Holleran face mask.

Last night I went to the presentation evening at Leamington FC. Our manager Paul Holleran has been there for nearly ten years, but this was the first time he has 'bounded' up to me to shake my hand. However, I think he was celebrating the best performance by the fan owned and financially stretched club since its resurrection in 2000.

Then, to my surprise, I was asked to make a presentation to the longest serving player with over 350 games under his belt. As I left, I went to congratulate a Spurs supporter. Eventually, I mentioned the play offs. 'Now which league are Charlton in?'

I find it slightly ironic that having told me to lay off Charlton in my Saturday morning football slot for Radio Scilly and do something on Argyle or even Truro City, there will now be no slot at all. There has been an equipment failure and the vital piece of gear has to be brought from the mainland and there are no flights or other forms of transport on the sabbath. Take this as a good omen if you like.

Radio 5 focused this morning focused on the Portsmouth v. Sunderland play off and then had a long discussion between a Villain and a Baggie. The basic line from them both was that it was make or break time for their clubs.

Well, what about us? If we don't go up, securing the status of the 'nearly men' of League One, it is more likely that key players will leave. As a Championship club, we might be more attractive to a potential purchaser.

I was told recently that the real problem is not the barmy Belgian's basic price, but a number of 'add ons' of his own devising. Admittedly, I was told this in the River Ale House by a geezer from Croydon, but it does sound plausible, the kind of weird thing the buffoon might come up with.

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