Monday 13 May 2019

Lyle lays it on the line

Presenting James Mace with his long service award at Leamington FC's presentation evening

Lyle Taylor has reassured fans that there will be no complacency in the return leg against Doncaster Rovers on Friday: No danger of Charlton going slack

I don't have Sky: the local council has banned it in conservation areas as inconsistent with the image of a Royal Spa. The local pubs that used to have it are now gastropubs. Someone helpfully sent me a map of which pubs still have it, but most of them are places where people are up for a ruck and I have already lost front teeth (see picture). The one exception was a pub near to my bestie's house, but if she caught me in there watching Charlton she would go ballistic as she regards the Addicks as hopelessly down market.

I was therefore reduced to listen to Talksport and who should be commentating but Neil 'Fish Fingers' Redfearn. I have never heard a more anti-Charlton commentary for ages.

Faced with a Charlton win, Redfearn and his co-commentator took the line that Doncaster would win at The Valley as they had in the FA Cup. This line is also taken by The Times this morning. I didn't go to that game as I know we don't do cups. However, as I recall, we didn't have our strongest side out and weren't as motivated as we will be on Friday.

I have booked to stay overnight in Greenwich so I can have a ginger beer or even a shandy at the River Ale House after the game. I think it will be the first time I have spent a night in Greenwich since I was born there.

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