Friday 3 May 2019

Uncertainty about the play offs

Rochdale are safe from relegation and have the worst defence in League One, so that should give Charlton a chance to progress tomorrow: CAS Trust preview

In 14th place in the League, Rochdale have won seven, drawn five and lost 10 away from home. Their away goal difference is -29. Odds: Charlton, 8/13; Draw. 11/4; Rochdale, 4/1.

There is a good chance that referee Charles Breakspear will spoil any party atmosphere.

Where Charlton end up in the league, who they meet in the play offs and in which order will be very much determined by results elsewhere. Working out the various permutations in terms of when and where games might be held is quite complicated. Louis Mendez has provided a helpful chart on Twitter: Play off chart - scroll down

Some Charlton fans have complained that they will not be able to make any of the potential play off dates because of work commitments. I kept the likely dates clear some time ago, but it is easier for me as I largely work on a self-employed basis.

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