Monday 6 May 2019

A message from our benefactor

Roland Duchatelet has issued a statement praising the promoted teams. He has used it to imply that Chris Wilder did not come to Charlton because of the opposition he would face from the minority of disgruntled fans. What is well known is that Wilder is a Blades fan through and through, but facts don't matter in the world of the barmy Belgian: C'est moi qui parle

In a series of tweets Richard Cawley of the SLP has rebutted the spurious arguments put forward by Roland about Wilder. He has stated, 'The impact that Cafc fans had on Wilder rejecting the job at The Valley? Zero. Fact is that Wilder wanted the Sheffield United job and Charlton's move for him basically sparked them into action - sacking Nigel Adkins and making their own official approach.'

Cawley continued, 'As it turned out, the appointment of Russell Slade drew far more of a mixed response. Wilder had done so well at Northampton that it would have been a very sound appointment.'

Better news was the well-deserved Player of the Year award to Lyle Taylor. Let's hope he will stay. I was also delighted that Naby Sarr came second. He has greatly improved, casting off a status at most derided player to become one of the most popular. Just wait till he scores his winning goal at Wembley! I was also pleased that Josh Cullen came third. I think that he has contributed a great deal this season without being particularly obvious.

10,000 tickets have already been sold for the home play off.


  1. The only things I want to hear from that clown is LB has signed a new contract and the club has been sold.

  2. I wish the team all the best in the play offs, but I will not be buying a ticket for any match while RD owns the club.