Wednesday 15 May 2019

The mood has changed says Jacko

Johnnie Jackson has spoken to The Guardian about the changed mood at The Valley: Bowyer brings back a taste of happiness

The assistant manager said: ';I think the fans feel a real connection because they know we have the club at heart,” Jackson says. “There has been a noticeable change in mood this season. I’ve noticed a bit of a feelgood factor. People still have their grievances at the way the football club is being run but I think they recognise that the team is one they can be proud of and wears the shirt with pride.'

'To see that disconnect with fans saddened me and seeing that come back is something I am proud of. When there have been highs, they have been unbelievable and when there have been lows, I have taken it really personally and got really down about it. I just want the best for the football club. The fact that the home leg is likely to be a sell-out shows how far we have come.'

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