Sunday 12 May 2019

Ronaldo thought about buying Charlton

I don't usually hurry to read the 'Lunch with the FT' feature in the Weekend edition of the Financial Times. It's often some boring business person with a big ego who has got lucky but thinks he has a formula for success that can be applied across all sectors. Wait a minute, why haven't they interviewed Roland?

When I saw this week's interview was with Ronaldo, I didn't expect any great revelations. But there it is black on pink. He spent two years in London and last year he considered buying 'unfancied' Charlton Athletic after an approach. Mind you, he also looked at Brentford as well.

Instead he decided to go for a majority stake in an unfashionable Spanish club, Real Valladolid. Reading about his willingness to use his stash and his philosophy of ownership, he would have been very welcome at The Valley. But he was another one that went away.

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