Saturday 25 May 2019

Addicks arrive from around the world

Charlton fans are arriving from around the world for tomorrow's play off final. One time Valley Party activist Richard Hunt has arrived from the Czech Republic. The Chicago Addick has landed at Gatwick. Sean Williams is on his way from Berlin this morning, listening to the Charlton Live podcast on his headphones and getting quite emotional.

On Radio 5 this morning an Addick qualified for the 'First Hour Crew' (6 am to 7 am badge), having said that he was travelling from Crewe.

Charlton pitch announcer Brian Cole will be on the Wembley pitch today.

According to CAFC Facts and Stats, Charlton have appeared in six matches with crowds of over 75,000 and there will surely be a seventh tomorrow:

  • 98,215 46 FA Cup Final
  • 98,215 47 FA Cup Final
  • 85,000 44 War Cup Final
  • 77,738 98 Play Off Final
  • 75,883 Man Utd 2007
  • 75,031 Aston Villa (Home) FA Cup 1938 (it is thought that the real attendance was much higher given the number of fans who got in without paying).

I don't know how they packed them in at the old Wembley. My father originally came from North Woolwich (Lord Street) and played his non-league football on that side of the river. Hence, he had some residual West Ham sympathies and went to the famous 'White Horse' first FA Cup final at the old Wembley in 1923 (he was fifteen and an apprentice) when the official attendance was 126,047, but in reality was far higher: 'Video'

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