Tuesday 14 May 2019

'Steaming hot' quotes from Parker

Richard Cawley of the SLP says he has got some 'steaming hot quotes' by Josh Parker via 'my boy Lou' as he refers to the tireless Louis Mendez. Unfortunately, I cannot access them online at the moment, possibly because they have set fire to the page. However, the essence appears to be that Donny will fear the atmosphere at a packed Valley.

Got it now, but it seems slow to load, possibly because Parker is so excited. He could get the goal he deserves for his hard work: Fearful Donny

I had to speak to my doctor yesterday after a minor medical emergency. As a Manchester City season ticket holder, he is full of the joys of spring and didn't ask me why Charlton are crap which he usually does. Instead, I got an appointment at the start of play today.

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