Tuesday 14 May 2019

Another club goes as Roland dismantles his network

Another club in Roland's much vaunted network has been sold, Madrid suburban side Alcorcon. There is certain symmetry in the fact that the purchaser is someone who has a stake in another suburban side, Crystal Palace. At this rate Charlton could be the last network club standing.

The purchaser is Josh Harris who owns a 18 per cent stake in Palace. The price paid for the Spanish second division side is unknown, as is whether it will have any relationshp with Palace: Roland's latest sale


  1. Yesterday the newspapers in Thailand carried a story that exiled ex-Thai prime minister and ex-Manchester City owner, Thaksin Shinawatra, is in talks to buy Palace. Whether he can now pass the fit and proper person test is questionable. He has corruption convictions against him in Thailand.

    1. Interesting. The owners and directors test as it is now called has been criticised for lack of stringency, but I don't think he would get past it.