Thursday 9 May 2019

Donny admit they face a tough test

Doncaster Rovers admit they face a tough test against the Addicks, but they are optimistic that they will end up at Wembley. Of course, they are hardly likely to say they are pessimistic and will be lucky to hold Charlton at the Keepmoat. They are taking inspiration from their FA Cup win at The Valley, but we are hardly likely to approach the play off semi-final in the same way: Record against Charlton gives ground for optimism

I am certainly not taking anything for granted. The defeat on penalties against the Rocking Robins at The Valley is seared in my mind. It only takes one bad refereeing decision to change the direction of a game.

The CAS Trust preview is here: Are the play offs really a lottery?


  1. For the first time for a very long time I will get to see Charlton play on TV. Although this year I was meant to be back in the UK for a holiday about now, but circumstances intervened and I will be in Thailand for another year.

    Anyway a quick check of the sports bars to see who had Sky gave me a comfortable pub to visit on Sunday about 6PM our time. Hopefully I will be with the ex-sports editor of the Bangkok Post, a Reading and Chelsea supporter, as the other customers are more likely to be from Yorkshire.

    I still remember watching that famous playoff final in a Bangkok bar full of Sunderland supporters except for myself and a Millwall supporter who decided he would be Charlton for the day. I had never seen so many grown men crying at the end of that game since.

    1. What a great post. On my way on the train to the Greatest Game, some Sunderland fans got on in beechy Bucks and proclaimed, 'We'll see some goals today, three or four. Well they were kind of right.'

  2. Thanks Wyn. I will never be able to say I was there, but I always know exactly where I was for that game. This year seems to have destiny written into the playoff final.