Thursday 16 May 2019

Rickster's bid for power lost by casting vote

VOTV editor Rick Everitt failed by the casting vote of the chairman to become Leader of Thanet District Council last night: New Council leader

The Rickster has now announced the leading members of his shadow cabinet team. If he had been leader, he may not have had time to continue editing and producing Voice of the Valley,at least in a print format.

Of course, there is now a lot of digital content on the VOTV website. A printed fanzine might seem something of an anachronism in today's digital environment, but I would be sorry to see it disappear.

It is clear that some Charlton fans have taken against the Rickster. He has been derided for his mistaken 'scoop' on the sale of the club, but if I had had the source he did, I would have trusted it as reliable. Sadly, the mantle of 'Scoop' Burrowes from the Kentish Independent of fond memory will not transfer to the Rickster.

Everitt has previously contested a seat for the Labour party in a general election. However, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt has now been cleared of antisemitism charges and the Ramsgate resident is seeking reselection as the Labour candidate for Thanet South in what could be an impending general election: Candidate cleared

In any case, Everitt's age, gender, ethnic group membership and heterosexuality might not make him a favoured candidate for some members of the Labour Party.

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