Wednesday 15 May 2019

Steered to victory

Jed Steer was the decisive player in Aston Villa's play off semi-final victory at the Hawthorns last night after he saved two penalties.

The Charlton content is the amazement and incredulity with which the Radio 5 commentator said this morning 'and he was playing for Charlton in the first half of the season.'

I suppose if we do go up this year we will get a repetition of the 'tiny London club' comments made on television news when we won the Greatest Game, accompanied by an expression of shock on the newscaster's face.

1,000 Charlton fans are to be accommodated in the Jimmy Seed on Friday as Donny have not taken up all their tickets to watch their victory. According to VOTV editor, Rick Everitt, the last time this happened was against a match against Barnsley in 2012 when there was a 'football for a fiver' offer.

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